Dance Inspired Fitness



Friends know that no phone calls (and now texts) are welcome before 9. I really prefer not to speak to anyone before 10. But something has happened. Her name is Angela. She teaches an exercise class two mornings a week at 8:50. A.M. Now normally, between exercising (which I feel much the same way about) and the early hour,, this class would not be something I would even consider. But then Angela crossed my path. She is pure joy, pure happiness. I have never seen her without a smile on her face. She starts the class with "Is everyone ready to Dance?" and we groggily say "Yes". That isn't acceptable to Angela. "Is everyone ready to Dance?" And we yell "YES"!!!!!!! And we start dancing. Within minutes, she is singing along to the lyrics, dancing with great abandon, and bringing smiles to all her tired and newly awakened students. Soon we are singing along with her, dancing our hearts out, and feeling truly awake, and alive. At one point near the end of class one day, she was singing along with the song, as usual, and the lyrics were "WOOT". After a couple choruses of "WOOT" Angela, in all her adorableness said, "There's just not enough WOOT in the world!" Indeed, my dear Angela. There is certainly not enough WOOT in the world. But early every Monday and Wednesday morning, you add a great big dose of it to those of us lucky enough to be in your presence.